Rounds is an electronic trio consisting of Andrew Champan, Robert Cooper and Ashley Kemp. These guys have sidled into the UK bass scene, creating music that incorporates melodies and sounds which come from this developing scene, as well as from more outlandish influences. They released an EP in July this year called The Escapist which consists of 6 incredible tracks. The most notable track on the EP, for me, is a track called ‘Sideways’ which I can honestly say has made my Top 10 List of best songs from 2012, and that is saying a lot. If you haven’t listened to it before, then check it out here:

You can also grab these two new exclusive bonus tracks, ‘Arrest’ and ‘Baba’ which feature on the 10-track instant digital download of the EP, featuring the 6 original songs, plus Wonder and Wonder (Twin Empire Remix). Bandcamp here

Check them out here:

Check their Soundcloud out for more amazing round sounds. 



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